Elena Pomazanova

Position: Vice President, Information Technology
Categories: Management

Prior to embarking on her professional journey, Elena Pomazanova completed her academic pursuits at Kharkiv National University (International Economics) and Kharkiv National University of Economics (Banking) in Ukraine. Subsequently, she augmented her educational background by earning an Executive MBA from the University of Sherbrooke in Canada.

For more than 20 years, Elena has been dedicated to the enhancement and transformation of technology ecosystems within diverse sectors, encompassing e-commerce, retail, insurance, and consulting.

Prior to her current role at New Look Vision Group, Elena led her own tech company for a span of 7 years. During this entrepreneurial phase, she specialized in collaborating with clients within the retail industry, delivering innovative retail tech solutions, and spearheading the implementation of intricate enterprise systems. Her responsibilities included strategic planning and successful implementation for scalable software, web, infrastructure and cybersecurity solutions tailored specifically for retailers.