Our Mission


We are honest and to the point with each other. We don’t dress things up. We face the facts, whether they are positive or negative, and remain solutions focused. We are humble and open. Nothing to hide, everything to share. We don’t conceal information from each other or play politics.


We are shrewd operators, focused on results. We are ambitious for the company and brave in delivery. We are numbers-driven and use data to make the best decisions, dispassionately. We analyze but know when to stop, make decisions and take calculated risks. We never settle for average, rather we strive for excellence.


We respect and support each other, always. We value diversity… and we don’t just write this: diversity is part of our fabric and makes us better. We never judge, never assume, always treat each other the way we want to be treated. We have a great sense of duty towards customers (patients) and community. But we also have a laugh and don’t take ourselves too seriously!


Our ambitions are global, but our execution is local. We are a team of teams. A group empowering and leveraging the superior knowledge of troops on the ground. We know that the success of our business flows from the people who serve our customers every day, and everything we do is aimed at supporting them better.