Éric Babin

Position: President, IRIS The Visual Group
Categories: Management

Mr. Eric Babin is the president of IRIS, The Visual Group. He joined the group in 1998 as Director of Information Technology, having been given the mandate to deploy an optical office management system previously acquired by the group. He quickly understood that cloud systems were the wave of the future and went on to develop a system that would be both unique to IRIS and accessible via the cloud. As a fervent disciple of “the customer experience” and involves himself in any aspect of the company related to this area. In 2010, he wasted no time recognizing the huge potential of the iPad, the newest invention to take the I.T. world by storm, leading him to undertake another major project: the development and deployment of the iProfile, an avant-garde application that is now central to the customer experience. Mr. Babin is passionate about any technology that leads to the ultimate goal of creating a unique and immersive experience with the patient while improving the efficiency of the team.