Jacinthe Laurendeau

Position: President of New Look Eyewear, LNLC Inc.
Categories: Management

Jacinthe Laurendeau has over 30 years of experience with New Look and New Look Vision Group. She began her career at New Look Eyewear as a student optician. She graduated as a dispensing optician in 1994 and became branch manager in 1998. In 2000, she became regional manager and managed several regions in Quebec and Ontario. During this period of growth, she participated in the opening of over 20 stores. Ms. Laurendeau has held various positions throughout her years in store operations. She was in charge of sales marketing, specifically for contact lens purchasing and opticians.

In 2018, she joined New Look Vision Group as Lens Marketing Manager, working with the Group’s various business units. She works in the omnichannel marketing team, ensuring the development of lens portfolios and contact lenses, in addition to being the product manager of Gaby, a lens demonstration and digital measurement application. Since 2018, she has served as President of LNLC Inc. In the fall of 2022, she was appointed Vice President of Lens Products. Passionate about optics, professionals, technological innovations and the customer experience, Ms. Laurendeau was appointed President of New Look Eyewear in January 2023, ensuring the leadership of the stores in Quebec and Ontario.